July 24 and 30 | 4:30pm | Heat Yoga & Wellness


Find Sarah Belle vending at the Soul Cleanse Festival. Sarah will also be teaching a crystals basics workshop you won't want to miss!

Sat, July 27 - Sun, Jul 28 | Progress Park Buechel | Learn more


It's official! We have an office! And we can't wait to tell you all about it. 
Join crystal lovers Sarah Balmer and Jenny Shanks for an open house event to celebrate their new location. As both dreamers and doers, when Sarah and Jenny first met, they couldn't talk fast enough sharing all of their crazy ideas. With so many similarities in life and business, it's easy to see why they're walking this path together. 
From big dreams to humble beginnings, they're following the nudges of their hearts to create a space for community and connection. Their creative juices are flowing and they have a lineup of classes and events designed to expand your spiritual journey and path of self-discovery leading to a life of deeper meaning.
The open house will include light refreshments, door prizes, an exclusive jewelry pop-up debuting new pieces for fall, including bracelet stacks and personalized activation pieces that are intuitively created for the individual. Also enjoy a crystal insights bar where you'll get a mini reading just by selecting the crystals you're most drawn to! Other practitioners from the Mindpointe center will be onsite sharing about their unique offerings, plus mingle with other like-minded souls. This is sure to be one high-vibe event you won't want to miss!
Friday, Aug 2 | 5:00pm-7:00pm | Mindpointe 7505 New LaGrange Rd, 40222


Who’s ready to play with crystals, learn more about all the amazing benefits and have fun shopping crystals & jewelry We've teamed up with Kate the owner of Body & Brow Boutique in New Albany to host a fun girls night out! Crystal energy can heal, uplift, and inspire — all things we could use a little more of in our lives. And if you don’t believe in all that — crystals are just sooooo pretty too look at — so why not join us for a crystal party? Whether you’re cautiously optimistic or a full-fledged believer, join Crystal Healer’s Sarah Balmer and Jenny Shanks as they share with you all things crystals. You’ll experience; How to choose, cleanse and program your crystals What are the different crystals types and their benefits What crystals you need now! Join Sarah & Jenny at Body & Brow Boutique { 141 E. Spring Street New Albany}. Event is 5pm-7pm Doors open at 5pm to enjoy light refreshments & shopping with the custom-designed jewelry line by Sarah Belle. Crystal Class is 6pm-6:30pm and costs $10 to attend class. Space is limited — grab your ticket today.

Thurs, Aug 15 | 5:00pm-7:00pm | Body & Brow Boutique, New Albany | Tickets



It’s a traveling trunk show from the VW bus for you and your friends! Grab your girlfriends for a few hours to shop cute jewels and crystals in the comfort of your own home or right out of the bus. It’s a chance to see items in person and try them on, offering style tips to each other. You’ll get to shop exclusive one-of-a-kind items not found on the website and hostesses will receive perks for coordinating the event!

Having a girls night in? It’s a perfect opportunity for the bus to swing on by.

Have a charitable cause for which you would like to raise some money? We’re happy to help! We love supporting a great cause. Let’s collaborate!

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Gather your girlfriends and we’ll meet in a beautiful nature setting with the VW bus, all of our crystals, sage, palo, grids and more. This show includes a private class to learn about how to work with crystal energy for improving your wellbeing. We’ll do hands-on exercises and you’ll get a chance to shop our beautiful crystals including many that are not online. No experience is required. This is equally enjoyable for crystal pros and newbies.

Let's get back to nature and connect through community, ritual, and gratitude!

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The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice offers a small hand-on workshop experience that will deepen your meditation practice and/or yoga journey and inspire an intentional life. Discover what malas are and how to use them for enriching your spiritual practice. Learn about the power of sound vibration and how to use chant to elevate your vibration and take a more proactive role in co-creating your life. Be guided through setting intentions for your mala practice, and receive step-by-step instruction on how to create your own beautiful mala using high quality materials, inspiring gemstones, and colors that speak to you. Together, we will practice a group mantra meditation and anoint and bless our malas, infusing our high vibrations into our creations. Participants will also receive a copy of Sarah’s 33-page ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice. It's everything you need to get started with this powerful practice and start making the shifts you desire!

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You hear about the benefits of gratitude, but how often do you practice? The reason it is so widely talked about is because it has been clinically proven to have a measurable impact on happiness levels. With a dedicated practice, you will experience a greater sense of well being, improved sleep, and less stress. In this workshop, participants learn about what science tells us about gratitude. It's quite compelling! We'll exercise our creativity by painting rocks which will become the anchor for our practice. These gratitude rocks will create a reminder queue for practicing on a daily basis. This is an uplifting class that cultivates community around good intentions and raises your vibration. 

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Wondering what all the crystal hype is about? In this workshop, participants learn what crystals are and how to use them for enhancing wellbeing. Participants will get to intuitively select their own crystal, learn why they are drawn to it, and how to sense subtle energy. Enjoy hands-on activities and meditations to better understand how to use crystals for energetic support. And learn how to properly cleanse and clear crystals and infuse them with intention for manifestation. Each participant will receive one crystal of their choosing and have an opportunity to purchase crystals, grids, pendulums and more. It's everything you need to know to start incorporating crystals into your spirit practice!

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This workshop is an artful blend of mindfulness and creativity that guides you into deeper parts of yourself to access new insights for personal growth. Experience a guided mediation journey, interpreting past, present and future experiences into colors and symbols. Receive guidance for creating your own beautiful mandala that will become a cherished piece of art symbolizing your journey. No experience required.

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You are energy! Discover how your energetic field, also known as the subtle body, impacts your health and wellbeing. Experience hands-on exercises demonstrating your toroidial field and sensing subtle energy. Learn about the chakras and how they correspond to various emotions, organs, colors and sounds. Learn how to use a pendulum and how to tell when chakras may be blocked or out of balance and how to bring them into balance. Gain a whole new set of tools and understanding for improving your health and wellbeing!

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Connect to your creative spirit. Learn about crystal energy and how it can support you with your intentions or whatever you may be working on in your personal journey. Thoughtfully select your own crystals and beads to create a your own unique design that will inspire your spirit. Your bracelet will infused with healing crystal energy, your intentions and creative essence offering you support and serving as a reminder of your own self-love.

This is a wonderful workshop to conduct as a group where the design is created in advance by Sarah to support the healing intentions of the group. When each member of the group makes the same bracelet, they are connected in spirit once they depart, each having the same bracelet to remind them of their sisterhood and that they are always supported.

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You are a powerful co-creator. Discover your role in the cosmic dance of karma, spirit, energy and free will and how you can begin to raise your vibration to magnetize the events, people, and things into your life that you desire most. Learn practices and rituals to clear out energetic blocks, cultivate alignment, and create space for new opportunities to flow in. You are more powerful than you realize. It’s all a matter of understanding your vibrational frequency and alignment, and committing to the practices that will anchor the right vibration. Let’s do this!

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