Protection Crystal Collection

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The Protection crystal collection has been carefully curated to offer assistance with clearing and protecting one from negative energy. Together, Selenite and Black Tourmaline are a powerful pair for anyone to have in your home or office or even to carry with you through the day.

Crystals in this collection:

Selenite - Excellent stone for use in protection grids, Selenite is great in enhancing the properties of other stones, as well as clearing and charging them. It dispels negative energy and removes energy blocks, making it the perfect ‘Protection Stone’.

Black Tourmaline - Also known as ‘Schol’, Black Tourmaline is said to be a purifying stone, deflecting and transforming negative energy. It is also believed to repel and protect one from black magic.

Collection includes one of each, drawstring bag and stone meanings card. Crystals included will generally range from 2-3" in length. If stones are small, it is possible that you may receive more than one. Stones may vary in size, shape and color from what is shown. Every stone is a unique treasure created by Mother Nature. Unless it is stated above, the finish (tumbled, rough, cluster, slice, point, etc) may vary from what is pictured.